Portfolio Construction - Quick Start

1. Risk Profiler (optional)

Determine your client's risk profile using a simple questionnaire.

Note: a subscription is required for this feature.

2. Portfolio Settings

Define portfolio settings including the Asset Allocation model, strategy and apply product filters if required. Products can be pre-populated based on Lonsec blends or fully customised.   

Product weights within the portfolio are updated automatically in accordance with asset allocation and strategy setting changes.







3. Portfolio Details

Modify product selection and weights as required.




4. Portfolio Comparison

Compare up to five portfolios in relation to:

    • Asset allocation
    • Performance
    • Price
    • Risk



5. Portfolio Reports

Generate PDF & Word reports for presentation to clients.



6. Updates

View rating changes for products within this portfolio since it was last amended.

Please see 'Alerts' to configure automated email settings.



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