Create / update portfolios using the Quantitative Analysis tool

Quantitative charts can be generated for funds and a single portfolio. Additionally, portfolios can be created and updated using selected products in the Quantitative Analysis tool.   

Create a new portfolio

1. Add funds to the quantitative tool

2. Tick 'Calculate as a portfolio'

3. A 'Weight' column and 'Rebalance' / 'Save' buttons will appear, enter the weight for each funds or use the Rebalance button to equally weight the funds.



4. Click 'Save'. In the box enter the name for your new portfolio, or add the funds to an existing portfolio

Note: the performance of individual products within a portfolio can be analysed by simply un-ticking 'Calculate as a portfolio' and re-generating the charts. The 'Weight' column will be become hidden however the assigned product weights will be retained.       



Import, analyse and update an existing portfolio

1. Add an existing portfolio


2. Modify weights as required. 


3. Click 'Save' and 'Update' the portfolio initially imported if you make any changes.


4. Generate charts using the Chart Settings area.


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