Understanding The Filtering Options To Use In Your Search Criteria

The search filters can be used in conjunction with a key word in the search field or on their own. More than one search criteria can be selected in a search.


Recommendation/Rating: If you would like to only view Lonsec recommended stocks, or any other rating, tick the appropriate box(es) in this section.

Income Profile: If you would like to view the Income Profile of a stock(s) with options to filter by Attractive Income through to Inferior Income.

Growth Profile: If you would like to view the Growth Profile of a stock(s) with options to filter by Attractive Growth through to Inferior Growth.

Action Signal: Use this filter to view a stock(s) which is under-valued, fairly valued or over-valued.

Sector: filter your search by the GICS sector(s).

Company Size/ Index: you can filter your search to only view stocks on the ASX 50 or ASX 100 for example.

Watchlist: A quick link to search for previously saved Watchlists. Type the name of the Watchlist in the search box or click on the field for a drop down menu of your saved Watchlists to appear. You can select multiple Watchlists.

Watchlist are ideal for accessing stocks you use on a regular basis. To learn more about creating and managing your Watchlists click here...

Sort Order: this feature allows you to decide the order you want the results to display. The default is by Market Cap in descending order. You could though, for example, select by Rating in Ascending Order.

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