Managing your Watchlist

Go to your 'My Watchlist' page from your profile tab on the top right of the screen

1. Select if you want to modify an existing Watchlist or Create a new Watchlist
For Load Existing select the Watchlist from the pop up list.

2. Click on 'Add Shares' to add stocks to your Watchlist

3. Select your stocks via the the drop down list or by entering the stock name or ASX code.
Remember: if you have the ASX codes already saved in a document, simply copy and paste the ASX codes into the search box - no formatting is required.

4. Delete a stock from your Watchlist 
If you only want to remove one or two stocks use the bin icon to the right of the stock
To delete more than one stock, use the tick box to the left to select the stock you want to delete and use the Delete Selected Shares button on the menu bar
To delete the whole Watchlist use the Delete List button on the menu bar

5. Rename - change the name of your Watchlist


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