Direct Equity only portfolios

1. Click on 'Create New Portfolio'.


2. Select 'Direct Equity' as Portfolio Type.

Enter portfolio name

Enter amount - optional field

Click on 'Create'


3. Adding stocks to your portfolio

There are two options:

a. Using the  '+ Add Product' search box


Click on  located at the top right of the portfolio screen.

In the drop down box enter the ASX code, or multiple ASX codes with a space between them, or type in the stock name and select from the drop-down list.


b. Using 'My Watchlist'

If you have created Watchlists in the Equities area (click here to learn how), select the Watchlist from the drop down menu 

Click on  scroll to the bottom of the list and select the Watchlist


4. Enter asset allocation weights/ modify product details as required

You can make further changes to your portfolio from this area - enter weights for each stock or cash values, delete stocks or add further products.


5. Save your portfolio

Click on 'Save' before leaving the page to save your portfolios and any changes made

Or use 'Save As' to create a copy of your portfolio


6. Click on the 'Portfolio Report' tab

Create a Portfolio Client Report and select to add the Stock Viewpoint for each of the under products in the portfolio.

Client Report Customisation

The following report customisations are available for the Portfolio Client Report:

  • Advisor Name
  • Client Name
  • File type (PDF or Word)
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