Editing or Adding new Data to your Custom Product

1. Go to your My Custom Product page from your profile tab on the top right of the screen

Note: The data that you input into iRate is your responsibility to maintain and be liable for. Lonsec accepts no liability for this external data.

2. This will load all the existing Custom Products you have created.

Click on the Edit option on the product you wish to change.

When you select Edit it will take you into your particular product, then click edit from the menu bar. This will allow you to make your changes. 


Adding new Growth Data

Note: Any new growth data you load into iRate will override any previous data you have saved.

When adding new growth data for an existing Custom Fund or Benchmark you need to export the existing data first, using the 'Export' button on the menu bar. This will export into the Excel template used for loading the data into iRate.

Update this Excel file with the new growth data, save and then load back into iRate using the Upload Growth Data button.



Adding New Monthly Returns

To add the new month return, click on the plus icon to the right of the last data point entered.

A new line with the next month end date will load, enter the monthly return. Repeat for all new date points and click Save when complete.



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