Using your Custom Products in Quantitative Analysis

Custom Products can be added for analysis in Quantitative Analysis via two options:

1. via the Custom Product area; or

2. directly in Portfolio Construction


Option 1 - via the Custom Product area

When on the Custom Product menu page or Performance return page, click on the Send To icon and select Quantitative Analysis


The Quantitative Analysis page will open with the Custom Product loaded in the product selection box.

Option 2 - via Quantitative Analysis

1. To retrieve your Custom Product in the Quantitative Analysis page, firstly add your product by clicking on the tab that begins with the + symbol.

Select the Custom option. This will bring up the list of Custom Products you have created. Click on the product you want to run the analysis for.

2. When you have your product loaded, and depending on the growth history of data available you can run the a number of performance and risk charts via the left hand settings column.

You are able to run charts and analysis for multiple Custom Products together or with other funds or portfolios you have created.




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